About Me

My name is Dustin Lee. I’m a graphic designer/entrepreneur currently living in Palo Alto, California. I currently spend my time working for Paid to Exist, doing freelance work and pursuing adventures in entrepreneurship.

I love non-conformist solutions, interesting design, vintage print work, cartoons from the 50’s and 60’s, studying great design work, DIY projects, the Pacific Northwest, and my Fender Strat.

 Job Experience

Paid To Exist
Brand Manager/Designer
Collaborate and execute branding, design and promotional strategies. Build brand awareness and community connection with Paid to Exist.

Illuminated Mind/Trailblazer
Brand Strategist/Designer/Conversion Expert
Collaborate with Illuminated Mind team and create all branding and marketing material for Illuminated Mind and Trailblazer. Work closely with Illuminated Mind team in create, monitoring and adjusting conversion strategies for products, ads and articles for Illuminated Mind.

Stahancyk, Kent & Hook
Graphic Designer
Created external and internal campaigns for award winning marketing department, promotional materials, graphics and icons for the non-profit Child Centered Solutions, newsletter graphics and company greeting cards and invitations.

Divorce On Demand
Graphic Designer
Worked with team to create marketing strategy. Created marketing material for the start-up including: logo revision, business cards, brochures, newspaper ads, icons, banner ads and signs. Worked with team to develop effective advertising campaign with $15,000 budget. Featured on The Lars Larson Show.

Graphic / Web Designer
Designed logos, collateral, ebooks and websites for a diverse range of clients.

The Phoenix
Graphic Designer
Worked with team to design The Phoenix literary journal including: developing underlying grid, choosing book dimensions, choosing paper, designing posters and promotional material. Visited commercial printing facility.


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